The Nuclear Society of Slovenia in association with the Jožef Stefan Institute, Nuclear Training Centre (ICJT), cordially invites you to attend the 31st International Conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe.

The conference will be held in Portorož from September 12th to 15th, 2022.

The conference is an annual meeting of professionals dealing with different aspects of nuclear energy from all around Europe and worldwide. The primary objective of the meeting is to foster international cooperation amongst professionals active in nuclear research and educational institutions, nuclear vendors, utilities and regulatory bodies.

Where now stands the excellent vacation resort and congress centre St. Bernardin, in the past there was only greenery, caressed by the warm sun. The hill protected from northern winds was bathing in the sun. The fields were full of fruit and olive trees, vineyards and lush Mediterranean vegetation. In the area between the towns that are now Piran and Portorož you could find freshwater springs and cottages (known as “rustic villas”) that provided shelter for farmers and shepherds. In the bay were many sailors who came here to heal their war wounds and repair their ships. The ancient Romans also built a port near Bernardin. Unfortunately, today we can only see the remains of its pier, but it proves that the area has been inhabited and buzzing with life for three thousand years.