NENE conference 2021

Social Activities and Events

All participants are cordially invited to all social activities and other special events. All social activities are free of charge for registered conference participants. Prices for accompanying persons are given below.

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception will be held at the terrace Veranda of the Rikli Balance Hotel on Monday, September 6, at 19:30. In case of bad weather, the reception will be inside the venue.

Price for the accompanying person is 30 EUR.

Conference Lunches

Lunches are included in the registration fee and will be served in the ground floor restaurant of the Rikli Balance Hotel from Tuesday to Thursday between 13:00 and 14:20.

Price for the accompanying person is 25 EUR per lunch.

Running together around the lake

A traditional joint run around the lake will be organised on Wednesday morning at 6:15. If you might be interested, the details are available here:

Conference Trip

Boat tour to the Bled Island, visit of the church, demonstration of baking of the Slovenian “potica”

During the long days, Bled, surrounded with its breathtaking nature, gives us an opportunity to relax, stretch our legs and breath some fresh air. We would like to invite you to the most renown place at Bled, the island in the middle of the lake Bled.

We will gather in front of the hotel and walk towards the lake shore. There we will board the Bled’s traditional rowing boats, called “pletna”. The experienced oarsmen will drive us in a relaxed manner to the island in the middle of the lake. Before exploring the island, we will count the stairs towards the church and make a wish by pulling the wishing bell. The most recognizable symbol of the island is the Church of the Mother of God with a long and diverse history. In the museum workshop, the baking of traditional Slovenian festive pastry, called “potica”, will be demonstrated. Of course, we will not miss the opportunity for tasting different varieties of the freshly baked potica. Pleasantly tired, we will return to the shore of the lake by boats.

Additional info / photos / links:

Price for the accompanying person is 30 EUR.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be held at the Grand Hall of the Grand Hotel Toplice in Bled on Wednesday, September 8, at 19:30. The Grand Hotel Toplice is within walking distance from the conference venue (Rikli Balance Hotel). The NENE Young Author Award ceremony and the ENEN PhD Event award ceremony will be held during the dinner.

Price for the accompanying person is 60 EUR.

Dates to Remember

Abstracts submittal
April 30
May 17
Abstracts acceptance June 30
Early bird registration fee July 31
Young author papers August 10
Full length papers August 23
Conference September 6-9
Proceedings November 30

Organiser contact

Društvo jedrskih strokovnjakov Slovenije | Nuclear Society of Slovenia
Jamova cesta 39
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
📞 +386 1 588 53 31
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