NENE conference 2021

Traditional running together around the lake

If you have looked to the venue of the conference, you might have wondered, whether it is possible to run around the lake. It is indeed possible, and the length of the route is about 5,5 km. Although the route is at some places a little away from the lake, and one stretch is part of a road, this still makes for a nice, pleasant run of one or two laps, especially in the early morning, when there are almost no other people or cars.

We have decided to carry on with the tradition and organise the informal »collective« running on Wednesday morning before the beginning of the sessions. However, we did not take any official steps with the Bled municipal authorities. Nevertheless, there should not be any unpleasant surprises.


The running course is indicated on the map (click to zoom in). Once we start, the way is more or less clear. The location where you should be careful not to lose your way are indicated on the map.


Although I am a marathon runner, this will be only a training before two marathons, so I intend to run only one lap, at a pace of about 5:30 / km. For those who are slower, I suppose that a line will form, so that everybody will be able to follow the way. For those who are faster, they will have to find their way on their own, or just wait for the main group if they are not sure which way to go.

Time and Place

We will meet on Wednesday morning at 6:15, at the location indicated on the map (click to zoom in), and we will run around the lake anti-clockwise. As the session starts at 8:30, those who wish to run two laps (say, until about 7:15) will still have enough time to get back to their hotel, take a quick shower, have a fast breakfast and be on time for the beginning of the session.

Contact person

Ivo Kljenak
Program Committee

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