NENE conference 2021

06.09.2021 16:30 Invited Jadwiga Najder

Chairperson: Pavel Gabriel Lazaro

No. 101
06.09.2021 16:30
Building the Future on Solid Foundation - The Value of Multigenerational Nuclear Community
Jadwiga Najder - Belgium

06.09.2021 17:10 Invited Abdesselam Abdelouas

Chairperson: Leon Cizelj

No. 102
06.09.2021 17:10
SAfe and REliable Nuclear Applications (SARENA)
Abdesselam Abdelouas - France

07.09.2021 08:30 Invited Elia Merzari

Chairperson: Blaž Mikuž

No. 104
07.09.2021 08:30
Full core Computational Fluid Dynamics: Recent advancements and Demonstrations
Elia Merzari - USA

07.09.2021 14:20 Invited Alireza Haghighat

Chairperson: Luka Snoj

No. 103
07.09.2021 14:20
A New Paradigm for High-Fidelity 3-D Reactor Kinetics Simulations
Alireza Haghighat, Valerio Mascolino, Luka Snoj - USA

08.09.2021 08:30 Invited Uwe Stoll

Chairperson: Ivo Kljenak

No. 105
08.09.2021 08:30
Current Challenges in Reactor Safety Research
Uwe Stoll - Germany

09.09.2021 08:30 Invited Bernard Bigot

Chairperson: Boštjan Končar

No. 106
09.09.2021 08:30
The ITER Project: moving fusion power closer to reality
Bernard Bigot - France

06.09.2021 18:10 Advances in nuclear technology

Chairpersons: Martin Novšak, Uwe Stoll

No. 201
06.09.2021 18:10
The Westinghouse AP1000 Plant – Proven, Advanced Generation III+ Technology
Patrick Fragman, President & CEO Westinghouse - USA

No. 212
06.09.2021 18:30
Evolution of VVER reactors: from prototype to 3+ generation. Technological development
Alexander Renev - Russian Federation

No. 202
06.09.2021 18:50
SMR Safety – Advantages and Challenges
Gérard Cognet, Jan Bartak, Gianni Bruna - France

No. 203
06.09.2021 19:10
Teplator DEMO nuclear heating for Prague central heating network.
Radek Skoda, David Masata, Tomas Peltan - Czech Republic

07.09.2021 09:10 Thermal-hydraulics & CFD I

Chairpersons: Andrej Prošek, Elia Merzari

No. 601
07.09.2021 09:10
Classification and Resolution Adaptive Drag Modelling of Gas-Liquid Interfaces with a Multifield Two-Fluid Model
Richard Meller, Matej Tekavčič, Benjamin Krull, Fabian Schlegel - Germany

No. 602
07.09.2021 09:30
GPU-based accelerated computation of coalescence and breakup frequencies for polydisperse bubbly flows
Gasper Petelin, Jeffrey Kelling, Ronald Lehnigk, Gregor Papa, Fabian Schlegel - Slovenia

No. 603
07.09.2021 09:50
Effect of heat flux on axial distribution of vapour volume fraction and bubble sizes at flow boiling in horizontal annulus
Boštjan Zajec, Boštjan Končar, Leon Cizelj - Slovenia

07.09.2021 11:00 Severe accidents I

Chairpersons: Matjaž Leskovar

No. 402
07.09.2021 11:00
KIT-JIMEC experiments to investigate jet impingement on a core catcher bottom and ablation process
Walter Tromm, Xiaoyang Gaus-Liu - Germany

No. 403
07.09.2021 11:20
Long-term containment cooling in Fukushima unit 1: insights into consequences from sensitivity studies
Luis E. Herranz, Rafael Bocanegra - Spain

No. 404
07.09.2021 11:40
Experimental Investigation on the Post-Dryout Behaviour of Homogenous Debris Beds
Markus Petroff, Rudi Kulenovic, Joerg Starflinger - Germany

07.09.2021 12:00 Nuclear power plant operation

Chairpersons: Janez Krajnc, Nikola Čavlina

No. 507
07.09.2021 12:00
Long term operation of NPP Krško and related challenges
Stanko Manojlović - Slovenia

No. 501
07.09.2021 12:20
Nicolas Moyano, Alejandro Arroyo, Borja Hervas - Spain

No. 502
07.09.2021 12:40
Reliability of Power System in Slovenia – Comparison of Scenarios
Marko Čepin, Aljaz Spelko, Bruno Glaser - Slovenia

07.09.2021 15:00 Reactor physics & research reactors I

Chairpersons: Andreja Peršič, Radek Škoda

No. 307
07.09.2021 15:00
Thermal Scattering Law Data for Zirconium Hydride from First-Principles
Ingrid Svajger, N. C. Fleming, B. Laramee, Gilles Noguere, A. I. Hawari, Luka Snoj, A. Trkov - Slovenia

No. 301
07.09.2021 15:20
Application of an artificial neural network to support the design of the PWR reactor core configuration
Wojciech Kubiński, Patryk Bojarski, Piotr Darnowski - Poland

No. 303
07.09.2021 15:40
Analysis of the X2 VVER-1000 benchmark with FENNECS
Romain Henry, Armin Seubert, Jeremy Bousquet - Germany

07.09.2021 16:20 Nuclear regulations

Chairpersons: Igor Sirc, Gérard Cognet

No. 701
07.09.2021 16:20
Technical and scientific support organizations as an independent layer of defense-in-depth in licensing of nuclear facilities
Mitja Uršič, Andrej Prošek, Leon Cizelj - Slovenia

No. 710
07.09.2021 16:40
Role of nuclear energy in eu's drive to zero carbon by 2050: regulatory and political perspective
Ana Stanič - Slovenia

No. 703
07.09.2021 17:00
Ensuring Nuclear and Radiation Safety during Pandemic in Slovenia
Igor Grlicarev, Igor Sirc, Matjaž Podjavoršek, Helena Janžekovič, Tomi Živko, Andreja Peršič, Metka Tomažič, Darja Slokan Dušič, Neža Kompare, Janez Češarek - Slovenia

08.09.2021 09:10 Severe accidents II

Chairpersons: Mitja Uršič

No. 405
08.09.2021 09:10
Assessment of different combustion models for the numerical simulations of the THAI containment
Javier Lobato-Perez, Daniele Dovizio, Ed Komen - Netherlands

No. 406
08.09.2021 09:30
Numerical Simulation of Melt Droplet/Water Interaction in Steam Explosions
Nikita Sivakov, Sergey Yakush - Russian Federation

No. 413
08.09.2021 09:50
Fabrizio Gabrielli, Victor Hugo Sanchez, Walter Tromm - Germany

08.09.2021 11:00 Reactor physics & research reactors II

Chairpersons: Andrej Trkov, Davor Grgić

No. 304
08.09.2021 11:00
Comparing Different Approaches to Calculating Decay Heat Power of a Spent Fuel Dry Storage Cask for Krško NPP
Vid Merljak, Marjan Kromar - Slovenia

No. 305
08.09.2021 11:20
On the Processing of Thermal Scattering Law Data into ACE Format for Monte Carlo Transport Calculations
Daniel Lopez Aldama, Andrej Trkov, Roberto Capote - Austria

No. 306
08.09.2021 11:40
Upgrades to the Monte Carlo Computational Model of the JSI TRIGA Research Reactor
Anze Pungercic, Ingrid Švajger, Vladimir Radulović, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

08.09.2021 12:00 Thermal-hydraulics & CFD II

Chairpersons: Iztok Tiselj, Walter Ambrosini

No. 604
08.09.2021 12:00
Experimental exploration of interweaved fluctuations of pressure and velocity in 5x5 rod bundle with spacer grids
Naz Turankok, Lionel Rossi, Valerie Biscay, Thibaud Lohez - France

No. 605
08.09.2021 12:20
Scale effects methodology for buoyant impinging jets in Sodium Fast Reactors
Benjamin Jourdy, David Guenadou, Nathalie Marie, Alexandre Labergue, Michel Gradeck - France

No. 606
08.09.2021 12:40
Multiphysics Topology Optimization with Application to Molten Salt Fast Reactor
Lorenzo Cattoni, Carolina Introini, Antonio Cammi, Laura Savoldi, Rosa Di Fonzo - Italy

09.09.2021 09:10 Nuclear fusion and plasma technology

Chairpersons: Tomaž Gyergyek, Igor Lengar

No. 801
09.09.2021 09:10
On the potential of W2C-reinforced tungsten: microstructure and mechanical properties of samples aged at temperatures above 1000 °C
Petra Jenuš, Matej Kocen, Anže Abram, Aljaž Ivekovič, Črtomir Donik, Irena Paulin, Saša Novak - Slovenia

No. 802
09.09.2021 09:30
Liquid metal divertor in future fusion reactors: liquid tin
Rok Zaplotnik, Vincenc Nemenič, Janez Kovač, Miran Mozetič - Slovenia

No. 803
09.09.2021 09:50
Assessment of Power Deposition on Plasma Facing Components Inside WEST Tokamak With the Use of Field Line Tracing
Matic Brank, Gregor Simič, Leon Kos, Mehdi Firdaouss, Marie-Helene Aumeunier - Slovenia

09.09.2021 11:00 Materials and ageing management

Chairpersons: Bruno Glaser, Samir El Shawish

No. 901
09.09.2021 11:00
A simplified model for estimating intergranular normal stresses
Samir El Shawish, Timon Mede - Slovenia

No. 902
09.09.2021 11:20
Development of irradiation tolerant tungsten alloys for high temperature nuclear applications
Dmitry Terentyev, Saša Novak, Petra Jenuš, Carmen Garcia-Rosales, Elisa Sal, Jan Willem Coenen - Belgium

No. 903
09.09.2021 11:40
Ageing at the TRIGA MK II research reactor of the University of Pavia: management and practical applications
Andrea Gandini, Anna Maria Condino, Andrea Salvini - Italy

09.09.2021 12:00 Environment and back end of the fuel cycle I

Chairpersons: Helena Janžekovič, Eileen Langegger

No. 1019
09.09.2021 12:00
NPP Krško Low and Intermediate Level Waste: Is More Rational Economical and Financial Management Plan Still Possible?
Alemka Knapp, Ivica Levanat, Diana Šaponja-Milutinović - Croatia

No. 1001
09.09.2021 12:20
The French Reprocessing Solution And Its Recent Evolution
Albert Yokobayashi - France

No. 1002
09.09.2021 12:40
Spent Fuel Dry Storage Loading Plan Based on Uniform Decay Heat Distribution among Casks
Paulina Dučkić, Davor Grgić, Siniša Šadek, Štefica Vlahović - Croatia

09.09.2021 14:20 Education, training and outreach

Chairpersons: Igor Jenčič

No. 1101
09.09.2021 14:20
Strategic agenda for EU wide nuclear education, training and knowledge management
Leon Cizelj, Csilla Pesznyak, Michele Coeck, Joerg Starflinger, Pavel Gabriel Lazaro, Franck Wastin - Slovenia

No. 1102
09.09.2021 14:40
Socio-economic impacts of nuclear power plant closure: Lessons learnt from different EU Member States
Hana Gerbelova, Vaida Rukaite Drazdove - Netherlands

No. 1103
09.09.2021 15:00
Towards Optimized Use of Research Reactors in Europe - the TOURR Project
Pavel Gabriel Lazaro - Belgium

09.09.2021 15:20 Environment and back end of the fuel cycle II

Chairpersons: Ana Stanič

No. 1006
09.09.2021 15:20
Method for analysis of neutron activation measurements of Am-241 with uncertainty propagation
Gašper Žerovnik, Vladimir Radulović, Ljudmila Benedik, Bor Kos, Tjaž Gantar, Gilles Noguere - Slovenia

No. 1021
09.09.2021 15:40
Fukushima nuclear accident impacts on the EU nuclear arena
Helena Janžekovič - Slovenia

No. 1005
09.09.2021 16:00
Approach for the Prospective Assessment of Radiological Impact to the Population from Decommissioning of “RADON” Type Radioactive Waste Storage Facility in Lithuania
Valdas Ragaišis, Povilas Poskas, Audrius Šimonis - Lithuania

08.09.2021 11:00 NARSIS special session

Chairpersons: Luka Štrubelj

No. 1201
08.09.2021 11:00
Study of the Seismic Behaviour of Gen III Plant: The Influence of Ageing
Rosa Lo Frano, Salvatore Angelo Cancemi, Pierre Gehl, Evelyne Foerster - Italy

No. 1202
08.09.2021 11:20
Multiple Hazard Modeling Utilizing Traditional PSA Tools
Aleksej Kaszko, Slawomir Potempski - Poland

No. 1203
08.09.2021 11:40
Seismic fragility analysis based on vector-valued intensity measures; theory and application to fuel assembly grids
Manuel Pellissetti, Marie-Cécile Robin-Boudaoud, Pierre Gehl - Germany

No. 1204
08.09.2021 12:00
SEVERA Decision Support Tool Development in Project NARSIS
Luka Štrubelj, Marko Bohanec, Ivan Vrbanić, Ivica Bašić, Klemen Debelak - Slovenia

07.09.2021 10:10 Poster session RED

No. 204
07.09.2021 10:10
Dynamic response of LFR in cogeneration mode
Riccardo Chebac, Marco Ricotti, Antonio Cammi, Khashayar Sadeghi, Seyed Hadi Ghazaie, Ekaterina Sokolova, Evgeniy Fedorovich - Italy

No. 207
07.09.2021 10:10
The potential of the TEPLATOR application in the Central Europe region
David Mašata, Radek Škoda, Lucie Noháčová - Czech Republic

No. 210
07.09.2021 10:10
Evaluating the TEPLATOR Concept as a Nuclear Heating Solution Compared with other Alternatives in the Czech Republic.
Hussein Abushamah, Jana Jiřičková, Radek Skoda, David Masata - Czech Republic

No. 308
07.09.2021 10:10
Further development of RAPID code extension for TRIGA reactor 3D burnup calculations
Anze Pungercic, Alireza Haghighat, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 311
07.09.2021 10:10
Investigation of Recently Introduced Diffusion Coefficient Generation Methods
András Ványi, Mathieu Hursin, Szabolcs Czifrus - Hungary

No. 314
07.09.2021 10:10
Jožef Stefan Institute TRIGA Research Reactor Activities in the Period from September 2020 – August 2021
Anže Jazbec, Sebastjan Rupnik, Vladimir Radulović, Borut Smodiš, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 317
07.09.2021 10:10
Analyses of Doppler Coefficient of Reactivity using Monte Carlo and Deterministic codes
Dušan Čalič - Slovenia

No. 320
07.09.2021 10:10
Monte Carlo simulation of k0 instrumental neutron activation analysis
Lojze Gačnik, Radojko Jaćimović - Slovenia

No. 407
07.09.2021 10:10
Numerical simulations of prototypical oxide-metal corium heat by electromagnetic induction
Julien Guillou, Philippe Tordjeman, Wladimir Bergez, Rémi Zamansky, Jean-Francois Haquet, Pascal Piluso, Anne Boulin, Sebastien Renaudiere De Vaux - France

No. 408
07.09.2021 10:10
Investigation on Revaporization from CsI Deposited Particles in the Primary Circuit in Nuclear Severe Accident Conditions
Melany Gouello, Teemu Kärkelä - Finland

No. 411
07.09.2021 10:10
Analysis of stratified steam explosion in reactor conditions
Matjaž Leskovar, Janez Kokalj, Mitja Uršič - Slovenia

No. 414
07.09.2021 10:10
Simulation of Experiment on Passive Autocatalytic Recombiner Phenomena
Tilen Švarc, Jure Marn, Ivo Kljenak - Slovenia

No. 416
07.09.2021 10:10
Analytical Modelling of ATF Chromium-Coated Zr-Based Cladding High Temperature Oxidation in Steam and Steam-Air Atmosphere
Alexander D. Vasiliev - Russian Federation

No. 419
07.09.2021 10:10
Evaluation of containment source term of various VVER-1000/V-320 loss of coolant accidents
Adam Kecek, Lubomir Denk - Czech Republic

No. 421
07.09.2021 10:10
An Analysis of Combustion Regimes for Hydrogen/CO/Air Mixtures in Different Geometries
Mike Kuznetsov, Andreas Friedrich, Anke Veser, Gottfried Necker, Wolfgang Breitung - Germany

No. 503
07.09.2021 10:10
Analysis of the effect of Krško NPP ex-core detector position on their response
Tanja Goričanec, Marjan Kromar, Andrej Kavčič, Bor Kos, Rok Bizjak, Igor Lengar, Božidar Krajnc, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 506
07.09.2021 10:10
Magnetic Sludge Removal device
Jang Jinhee - South Korea

No. 608
07.09.2021 10:10
Large interface tracking algorithm for air-water slug in turbulent flow
Jan Kren, Blaž Mikuž - Slovenia

No. 611
07.09.2021 10:10
Dmitriy Fedorov, Vladislav Filonov, Olexandr Kovalenko, Yiulia Filonova - Ukraine

No. 614
07.09.2021 10:10
Influence of seeding particles on Particle Image Velocimetry measurements in single-phase turbulent pipe flow
Blaž Mikuž, Jan Kren, Danjela Kuščer, Anil Kumar Basavaraj - Slovenia

No. 617
07.09.2021 10:10
Numerical Study on Convective Heat Transfer of Liquid Metals in Refractory High Entropy Alloy-Based Miniature Heat Sinks
Mahyar Pourghasemi, Nima Fathi - USA-New Mexico

No. 620
07.09.2021 10:10
Validation of two-fluid boiling flow model on the DEBORA benchmark experiments
Boštjan Končar, Matej Tekavčič, Andrej Prošek - Slovenia

No. 705
07.09.2021 10:10
25 Years of the Slovenian Participation in IAEA ITDB Programme and Endeavours to Combat Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Radioactive Material
Janez Češarek - Slovenia

No. 804
07.09.2021 10:10
Neutronics analyses of EU DEMO 2020 EC port configuration
Aljaž Čufar, Christian Bachmann, Thomas Berry, René Chavan, Tim Eade, Thomas Franke, Bor Kos, Dieter Leichtle, Peter Spaeh, Tran Minh Quang - Slovenia

No. 807
07.09.2021 10:10
Kinetic-Fluid Coupling Time-Dependent Simulations Of ITER During ELMs
Ivona Vasileska, Xavier Bonnin, Leon Kos - Slovenia

No. 810
07.09.2021 10:10
Effects of the source properties on the filamentary transport in the tokamak SOL
Jernej Kovačič, Stefan Costea, Tomaz Gyergyek - Slovenia

No. 813
07.09.2021 10:10
Thermionic emission from the divertor surface during energetic events in tokamaks
Stefan Costea, Jernej Kovačič, Tomaz Gyergyek - Slovenia

No. 905
07.09.2021 10:10
The Regulatory Oversight of the Reactor Pressure Vessel Suitability for the Krško NPP Long Term Operation
Tom Bajcar, Andreja Peršič, Sebastjan Šavli - Slovenia

No. 908
07.09.2021 10:10
Review of M5™ Cladding Models Relevant for LOCA Simulation with the TRANSURANUS Code
Rolando Calabrese, Arndt Schubert, Paul Van Uffelen - Italy

No. 1004
07.09.2021 10:10
Neutron Shielding Performance Analysis of the Ordinary Concrete Reinforced with an Innovative H3BO3 Polymer Based Particles
Mohsen Kheradmand Saadi, Kimia Mokhtari - Iran

No. 1008
07.09.2021 10:10
Turkki Shatona - Namibia

No. 1011
07.09.2021 10:10
Adsorption of Iodine on Painted Surfaces in Nuclear Power Plants Containment Buildings
Iana Zamakhaeva - Czech Republic

No. 1014
07.09.2021 10:10
Neutronic Analysis of Ventilated Dry Storage Cask with Monte Carlo Method
Burak Sarioglu - Turkey

No. 1017
07.09.2021 10:10
The impact of neutron irradiation on concrete structures
Szabina Török, Sugár Viktória, Lama Alnatour - Hungary

No. 1020
07.09.2021 10:10
Decommissioning of activated fragments of the Jaslovské Bohunice V1 NPP VVER-440 pressure vessel
Stefan Cerba, Milan Myslík, Branislav Vrban, Jakub Lüley, Vladimir Nečas - Slovakia

No. 1105
07.09.2021 10:10
Public Opinion about Nuclear Energy – Year 2021 Poll
Radko Istenič - Slovenia

No. 1108
07.09.2021 10:10
Upgrading of HPCC at Reactor Center JSI in the Last Decade
Sandi Cimerman, Bojan Žefran - Slovenia

08.09.2021 10:10 Poster session GREEN

No. 205
08.09.2021 10:10
Development of technical decision for digital support of the NPP construction using photogrammetry methods
Nadezhda Kiriiak - Russian Federation

No. 208
08.09.2021 10:10
Uncertainties and Sensitivity Analyses of ULOF and UTOP in Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor
Rolando Calabrese - Italy

No. 211
08.09.2021 10:10
Neutron flux measurement in TEPLATOR DEMO
Eva Vilimova, Tomas Peltan, Radek Škoda - Czech Republic

No. 309
08.09.2021 10:10
Parametric analysis of the closed-water activation loop at the JSI TRIGA reactor
Domen Kotnik, Kristina Pahor, Luka Snoj, Igor Lengar - Slovenia

No. 312
08.09.2021 10:10
Non-Modal Stability Analysis of the Zero-Dimensional Model of the TRIGA Mark II Reactor
Carolina Introini, Antonio Cammi, Parikshit Bajpai - Italy

No. 315
08.09.2021 10:10
The Effect of Burnup on ITU TRIGA Mark II Research Reactor Control Parameters
Fadime Ozge Ozkan, Senem Senturk Lule, Uner Colak - Turkey

No. 318
08.09.2021 10:10
Gathering of Data on the European Research Reactor Fleet as Part of the TOURR Project
Bor Kos, Roberta Cirillo, Anze Pungercic, Pavel Gabriel Lazaro, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 321
08.09.2021 10:10
Burnup-dependent isotopic compositions of PWR fuel pins using OpenMC and WIMS with ENDF/B-VIII nuclear data library
Jan Malec, Dušan Čalič, Andrej Trkov - Slovenia

No. 401
08.09.2021 10:10
Simulation of premixed layer formation in PULiMS E6 and SES S1 experimental tests
Janez Kokalj, Mitja Uršič, Matjaž Leskovar - Slovenia

No. 412
08.09.2021 10:10
Darya Finoshkina, Vladimir Melikhov, Oleg Melikhov - Russian Federation

No. 417
08.09.2021 10:10
Darya Finoshkina, Vladimir Melikhov, Oleg Melikhov, Sergey Yakush - Russian Federation

No. 420
08.09.2021 10:10
NPP Krško Large Break Loss of Coolant Accident using MELCOR Code
Vesna Benčik, Davor Grgić, Siniša Šadek - Croatia

No. 504
08.09.2021 10:10
The impact of JEK2 on the operation of the Slovenian electrical power system
Aleksandar Momirovski, Jurij Kurnik, Robert Bergant, Bruno Glaser - Slovenia

No. 609
08.09.2021 10:10
TRACE simulation of Semiscale S-NC-2 and S-NC-3 tests
Andrej Prošek, Boštjan Končar - Slovenia

No. 612
08.09.2021 10:10
Na and NaK Laminar and Turbulent Flows and Heat Transfer within Rectangular Minichannel Heat Sinks
Mahyar Pourghasemi, Nima Fathi - USA-New Mexico

No. 615
08.09.2021 10:10
LOCA plus Loss of One Emergency Core Cooling System Simulated by RELAP5/MOD3.3 Patch 05
Andrej Prošek - Slovenia

No. 618
08.09.2021 10:10
Selection of the most suitable cooling technology for the JEK2 project
Klemen Debelak, Aleš Kelhar, Robert Bergant, Bruno Glaser - Slovenia

No. 621
08.09.2021 10:10
Simulation of heat transfer in multiple impinging jets with scale-adaptive turbulence model
Martin Draksler, Matej Tekavčič, Boštjan Končar - Slovenia

No. 706
08.09.2021 10:10
Heading Toward Configuration of BEPU Approach into Licensing Process of SMRs
Seyed Ali Hosseini, Amir Saeed Shirani, Reza Akbari, Francesco D'Auria - Iran

No. 805
08.09.2021 10:10
Thermal Hydraulic Performance Analysis of Smooth and Swirl Tube Type Geometries of Plasma Facing Component Using Entropy Generation Approach
Mohit Sharma, Vinay Menon, Samir Khirwadkar - Slovenia

No. 808
08.09.2021 10:10
Tritium measurements by nuclear reaction analysis using 3He beam
Mitja Kelemen, Sabina Markelj, Mickael Payet, Elodie Bernard, Matej Lipoglavšek, Aleksandra Cvetinović, Christian Grisolia, Primož Pelicon - Slovenia

No. 811
08.09.2021 10:10
Determination of uncertainties for activation material irradiation in TT fusion spectra
Igor Lengar, Vladimir Radulović, Zamir Ghani, Paola Batistoni, Jet Contributors - Slovenia

No. 814
08.09.2021 10:10
Development of the MELCOR model for the analysis of large helium ingress into the DEMO cryostat
Rok Krpan, Janez Kokalj, Mitja Uršič, Matjaž Leskovar, Boštjan Končar - Slovenia

No. 906
08.09.2021 10:10
An investigation neutron irradiation effects on the nanocrystalline boron nitride (h-BN) particles using EPR spectroscopy
Elchin Huseynov, Adil Garibov, Nicat Abasov - Azerbaijan

No. 909
08.09.2021 10:10
Microstructural indicators for assessment of the radiation ageing of electronic components
Igor Neuhold, Vladimir Krsjak, Jarmila Degmova, Vladimír Slugeň, Pavol Noga - Slovakia

No. 911
08.09.2021 10:10
Thick protective Fe coatings for PbLi coolant environments
Jan Cizek, Jakub Klecka, Lukáš Babka - Czech Republic

No. 1009
08.09.2021 10:10
Methodology of Calculating Air Pollution Dispersion with a Lagrangian Particle Model for Assessing the Impact of Atmospheric Emissions on the environment from Krško NPP
Marija Božnar, Primož Mlakar, Boštjan Grašič, Darko Popović - Slovenia

No. 1012
08.09.2021 10:10
Neutron Absorber for VVER-1000 Storage, Transport and Final Disposal Facilities
Martin Lovecky, Jiri Zavorka, Kristýna Klímek Gincelová, Jana Jiřičková, Radek Škoda - Czech Republic

No. 1015
08.09.2021 10:10
Effect of the ionizing radiation dose on histone H2AX
Jana Skálová, Tomáš Vlas, David Mašata - Czech Republic

No. 1018
08.09.2021 10:10
Spent fuel characteristics of various reactor types
Pauli Juutilainen - Finland

No. 1106
08.09.2021 10:10
Training Lessons Learned from the Covid-19 in the Spanish Nuclear Fleet Training Centers
Nicolas Moyano - Spain

09.09.2021 10:10 Poster session BLUE

No. 206
09.09.2021 10:10
A New Reactivity Control Approach for Circulating Fuel Reactors
Giulia Merla, Antonio Cammi, Stefano Lorenzi - Italy

No. 209
09.09.2021 10:10
Small modular reactors in industrial and district heating combined with thermal energy storage system.
Jan Škarohlíd - Czech Republic

No. 310
09.09.2021 10:10
The Neutronic Simulation of Traveling Wave Reactor (TWR) Core in the Equilibrium State Using Monte Carlo Method
Mohsen Kheradmand Saadi, Lida Amanelahi Dorcheh - Iran

No. 313
09.09.2021 10:10
Advanced analyses of alternative fuel for TEPLATOR DEMO
Tomas Peltan, Eva Vilimova, Radek Škoda - Czech Republic

No. 316
09.09.2021 10:10
Silicon carbide neutron detector development computational support with MCNP
Andrej Žohar, Vladimir Radulović, Luka Snoj, Robert Bernat, Luka Bakrač, Ivana Capan, Takahiro Makino - Slovenia

No. 319
09.09.2021 10:10
Impact of the various nuclear data libraries on the NPP Krško spent fuel characteristics
Dušan Čalič, Marjan Kromar - Slovenia

No. 322
09.09.2021 10:10
Impact of Different Fuel Temperature Models on the Nuclear Core Design Predictions of the NPP Krško
Marjan Kromar, Dušan Čalič - Slovenia

No. 410
09.09.2021 10:10
Comparison of pool scrubbing simulations with SCRUPOS experiment
Matic Kunšek, Ivo Kljenak, Leon Cizelj - Slovenia

No. 413
09.09.2021 10:10
Fabrizio Gabrielli, Victor Hugo Sanchez, Walter Tromm - Germany

No. 415
09.09.2021 10:10
Assessment of VVER 1000 SAMG efficiency during LB LOCA accident along with SBO using ASTEC computer code
Pavlin Groudev, Petya Vryashkova, Antoaneta Stefanova, Rositsa Gencheva - Bulgaria

No. 418
09.09.2021 10:10
Preliminary uncertainty assessment of a severe accident scenario using the ASYST code
Siniša Šadek, Davor Grgić, Chris Allison - Croatia

No. 422
09.09.2021 10:10
Overview of experimental data related to melt fragmentation in sodium
Mitja Uršič, Žana Kokot - Slovenia

No. 423
09.09.2021 10:10
Analytical Model of Debris Quenching with Top-Flooding Configuration and Additional Gas Injection for FLOAT Experiments
Tim Kelhar, Markus Petroff, Janez Kokalj, Mitja Uršič, Rudi Kulenovic, Leon Cizelj, Jörg Starflinger - Slovenia

No. 505
09.09.2021 10:10
The application of machine learning for on-line monitoring Nuclear Power Plant performance
Salvatore Angelo Cancemi, Rosa Lo Frano - Italy

No. 607
09.09.2021 10:10
A neural network model for the microlayer evaporation in wall boiling flows
Ilya Evdokimov, Susann Hänsch - Germany

No. 610
09.09.2021 10:10
Simulations of Containment Atmosphere Mixing with Reduction of Computational Domain
Rok Krpan, Iztok Tiselj, Ivo Kljenak - Slovenia

No. 613
09.09.2021 10:10
Potential of Serpent-OpenFOAM Coupled Codes for Spent Nuclear Fuel Analysis
Tomáš Kořínek, Jiří Závorka, Martin Lovecky, Radek Skoda - Czech Republic

No. 616
09.09.2021 10:10
On the Choice of Corresponding Pressures in a Novel Fluid-to-Fluid Similarity Theory for Heat Transfer at Supercritical Pressure
Andrea Pucciarelli, Sara Kassem, Walter Ambrosini - Italy

No. 619
09.09.2021 10:10
Film boiling simulation around cylinder with ANSYS Fluent
Mihael Boštjan Končar, Matej Tekavčič, Mitja Uršič - Slovenia

No. 704
09.09.2021 10:10
European Utility Requirements for New Light Water Reactors
Robert Bergant, Jože Špiler - Slovenia

No. 806
09.09.2021 10:10
Effect of chromium and yttrium addition on the oxidation resistance of tungsten-tungsten carbide composites
Aljaž Ivekovič, David Simonič, Irena Paulin, Saša Novak - Slovenia

No. 809
09.09.2021 10:10
Deuterium retention in displacement damaged tungsten-based samples with tungsten carbide inclusions
Sabina Markelj, Thomas Schwarz-Selinger, Petra Jenuš, Aljaž Ivekovič, Saša Novak, Mitja Kelemen, Esther Punzon Quijorna, Andreja Šestan, Anže Abram - Slovenia

No. 812
09.09.2021 10:10
Thermal analysis of actively cooled divertor target element for stellarator W7-X
Luka Selan, Boštjan Končar, Jean Boscary - Slovenia

No. 815
09.09.2021 10:10
L2G PFC Heat Loads and Field-line Tracing in the SMITER Framework
Leon Bogdanović, Gregor Simič, Leon Kos - Slovenia

No. 904
09.09.2021 10:10
Pressurized Thermal Shock Preliminary Analyses of a 2-Loop Pressurized Water Reactor under Loss-of-Coolant Accident Scenarios
Oriol Costa Garrido, Andrej Prošek, Leon Cizelj - Slovenia

No. 907
09.09.2021 10:10
Development of a T-junction Structural Model with Cracks for Efficient Fracture Mechanics Analyses using Detailed CFD Data
Oriol Costa Garrido, Nejc Kromar, Samir El Shawish, Leon Cizelj - Slovenia

No. 910
09.09.2021 10:10
The prediction of failure of pipelines using artificial neural network
Yassine Chahboub - Hungary

No. 1007
09.09.2021 10:10
Methodology to calculate radiological impact for NPP Krsko Life time extension environmental impact assessment
Davor Grgić, Siniša Šadek, Paulina Dučkić, Primož Mlakar, Marija Božnar, Boštjan Grašič, Robi Jalovec, Rudolf Prosen - Croatia

No. 1010
09.09.2021 10:10
CO2 Mitigation Using Atomic Power-2025 Deployment
William Schenewerk - USA

No. 1013
09.09.2021 10:10
National Radiation Protection Authority Activities
Uendjitjitavi Karupa, Tekla Mutwamezi - Namibia

No. 1016
09.09.2021 10:10
Removal of methyl iodide by self- priming venturi scrubber in a lab scale FCVS setup
Jawaria Ahad, Amjad Farooq, Masroor Ahmad, Khalid Waheed, Naseem Irfan, Kamran Rasheed Qureshi, Waseem Siddique - Pakistan

No. 1104
09.09.2021 10:10
Remote research reactor exercises during pandemic induced lockdown
Jan Malec, Vladimir Radulović, Igor Lengar, Anže Jazbec, Sebastjan Rupnik, Michael Österlund, Andreas Solders, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 1107
09.09.2021 10:10
Augmented Cooperation in Education and Training in Nuclear and Radiochemistry - the A-CINCH Project
Pavel Gabriel Lazaro, Roberta Cirillo, Francisco Suarez Ortiz, Němec Mojmir, Walther Clemens - Belgium

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