In January 2023, NPP Krško in Slovenia obtained final approval of its environmental permit for lifetime extension from 40 to 60 years. This approval was the last step in almost a decade-long process. NPP lifetime extension is an important tool for safe, reliable, low-carbon electricity production in Slovenia and Europe. With reliable lifetime extensions, nuclear power continues to be a secure path to a clean, bright energy future.

To capture the most important lessons learned and to disseminate this knowledge to the international community, we will have NPP operation issues and lifetime extension topics as focal points of this year’s NENE2023 conference. 

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Book of Abstracts

Conference Opening:

  • Opening ceremony and welcome addresses
  • Setting the scene with invited lectures: Role of Nuclear Energy in Decarbonization and National Energy Strategies
  • Topical round table discussion: Capacity Building for Nuclear Energy Deployment and Utilization, moderated by Andrew Worrall
  • Welcome reception for Conference participants

Key Themes:

  • Nuclear New Builds, Energy Policy and Decarbonization of Society
  • Nuclear Regulation, Society and Environment
  • Nuclear Materials
  • Reactor Physics and Research Reactors
  • Plant Life-time Extensions, Reliability, Outage Management, Innovations and Modernization
  • PSA and Severe Accidents
  • Nuclear Education, Training, Workforce Planning, Leadership and Talent Development
  • Thermal Hydraulics and CFD
  • Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste
  • Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Technologies

Meet Our Confirmed Speakers

Yves Desbazeille, Belgium
Director General of nucleareurope
Mohammed Zaid Khonat, UK
Head of Advanced Nuclear Policy and Delivery at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero
Jean-Jacques Coursol, France
Head of French Long-Term Economics and Prospective in EDF Strategy Division
Andrew Worrall, USA
Section Head of the Integrated Fuel Cycle Section at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Leon Cizelj, Slovenia
President of the European Nuclear Society (ENS)
Karen Daifuku, France
Executive Director of the I2EN
Shin Whan Kim, IAEA
Head of the Nuclear Power Engineering Section of the IAEA
Beccy Pleasant, UK
Head of Nuclear Skills Strategy for the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group
Igor Sirc, Slovenia
Director at Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration (SNSA)
Sean Tyson, USA
Senior Advisor in the Office of International Nuclear Energy Policy and Cooperation in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Bruno Glaser, Slovenia
Head of Technical Division at GEN
Roman Romanowski, USA
Vice President at Westinghouse Energy Systems
Anne Falchi, France
Strategy Director, Head of Business Development for Slovenia in EDF International NNB team
Keunho Lee, South Korea
Senior Manager at the Nuclear Business Office at KHNP HQs
Aleksandra Antolovič, Slovenia
Analysis and Licensing Superintendent at NEK
Ilijana Iveković, Croatia
Project Leader in Technical Support Organisation at ENCONET
Joerg Starflinger, Germany
Director of the Institute of Nuclear Technology and Energy Systems (IKE) at University of Stuttgart