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   For a quarter of a century nuclear professionals from nuclear research and educational institutions, nuclear utilities and regulatory bodies gather at the conference "Nuclear Energy for New Europe", which became a traditional annual meeting for participants from Europe and also much remoter countries. The jubilee 25th conference in the series was held in Portorož, from 5 to 8 September 2016 and was attended by 154 participants from 23 countries and international organizations.

   The NENE2016 conference coincided with another jubilee, namely 50 years of operation of the TRIGA reactor at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, which was also one of the leading themes of the conference. The views about the last fifty years of research reactor operation, current challenges and future reactor designs were shared with us by four distinguished invited speakers and six panellists during the round table discussion on Education & Training. The discussions at the conference coincided in the recognition that safe, competitive and sustainable nuclear energy further requires close cooperation of all stakeholders to implement the best available science, knowledge and solutions.

   The activities that led to these Proceedings started in February 2016 with Call for papers and 101 abstracts were submitted by May. A Program Committee meeting was held in June in Ljubljana where the program of the conference was outlined. Contributed papers presented a variety of new scientific, technical and operational results. The proceedings contain 75 peer-reviewed papers, photographs from the venue and collected information about the conference.

   Following the tradition of previous meetings, award was given for the best paper prepared by a first author aged no more than 32 years. Sixteen young authors participated in the contest and the Award for the Young Author was presented to:
Bor Kos for the paper:
Variance Reduction of Fusion and Fission Neutron Transport Problems using the ADVANTG Hybrid Code
co-authored by Ivan Kodeli from Slovenia.

The Best Poster Awards were given to posters entitled:
Microstructural Evaluation of Creep Behavior in Hydrided E110 Cladding
by Hygreeva Namburi from Czech Republic
Modelling of Debris Bed Coolability in Bottom Reflooding Conditions with MC3D Code
by Janez Kokalj, Mitja Uršič and Matjaž Leskovar from Slovenia.

Bor Kos Hygreeva Namburi
Mitja Uršič

   We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the program committee, who solicited papers and elaborated the conference program. Members of the award committees diligently worked through the young authors’ papers or poster presentations, and selected the best. The support of the sponsors is also greatly appreciated. Our sincere appreciations go to the invited lecturers, panellists and authors for their excellent contributions. Finally, we would like to recognize the dedication and enthusiasm of the organizing committee and the members of the administrative and technical assistance team.

   We are looking forward to meet you all again at the International conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe 2017, Bled, Slovenia, September 11 to 14, 2017.

Luka Snoj
Program Committee Chair
Igor Lengar
Organizing Committee Chair