Meeting of MMG

It consisted of:

I) Election of president, vice president and registrar

II) The plan for year of 2011 has been made

          a) Student arena

          b) Web page of MMG

          c) Other projects

MMG meeting

The president of MMG is

Gašper Žerovnik e-mail,

vice president

Duško Kančev e-mail.

The list of members and leaders.



On the Thursday 21st of April 2011 there was a meeting for the MMG members.

The meeting report has been added here (55kB).

In Monday 25th of April 2005 at 4:30 pm is going to be MMG meeting. The meeting starts in entrance hall of the Reactor Centre of the JSI five minitues before the beginning. If you have a lot tell to your collegues, be there at least one our before the official start of the meeting ;o))

This informations are necessary only for slovene members:

Obvezna je prisotnost vodij projektov.

Zaželjena je prisotnost vseh članov, ki ste pripravljeni delati.

Dnevni red:
1). Zgibanka DJS
2). Odbojka
3). Majice
4). Ekskurzija
5). Ponudba MMG na spletu
6). Spletna stran
7). Članki
8). YGN forum - Zagreb
9). Razno

Lepo povabljeni!