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Bunker probe


Nuclear Society of Slovenia invites you to attend the 12th International Workshop on Electric Probes in Magnetized Plasmas 2017 (IWEP 2017) to be held in Naklo, Slovenia from from 4th to 7th of September 2017. The IWEP is focused on the physics and techniques of electric probes in magnetized and non-magnetized plasmas in the broadest sense.

Here you can download IWEP 2017 Book of Abstracts.


The following topics will be discussed during the meeting:

1. Mechanisms of electron current saturation
2. Accuracy of electron temperature measurements
3. Techniques for measuring the ion temperature
4. Multiple probe systems, probe arrays
5. Robust probe tip constructions for high-power loads
6. Detection and consequences of non-thermal distributions
7. Sheath and pre-sheath physics
8. Probes in recombining and drifting plasmas
9. Advanced and innovative probe concepts
10. Probes in space and propulsion systems
11. Probe applications in fusion-oriented devices
12. Probe diagnostics in technological plasmas
13. Other related topics

Proceedings and Publication

Proceedings containing full length peer reviewed papers presented at the conference will be published after the conference and mailed to the participants.

Full-length papers should be brought to the workshop in electronic form. A peer review of full-length papers will be performed before including the papers in the Proceedings, which will most probably be published in Journal of Physics Conference Series.


The workshop will be held only by oral presentations. The official language of the workshop is English. Additional poster sessions will be organized with the consent of the International Scientific Committee in the case of a large number of participants. Oral presenters will be allowed 25 minutes for presentations and 5 minutes for discussion and questions from the audience.

Dates to remember
May 17
abstracts submittal
June 30   Abstracts acceptance
At the conference   Full length papers
Sept. 4-7   Conference